Today we have seen such news, Apple plans to launch a new color iPhone X to boost sales. Now that the famous designer Martin Hajek has designed a prototype, let's see what RED Red iPhone X will look like.

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From the renderings and videos, the red iPhone X is basically the same as last year's red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plsu. Only this time it was replaced by a glass body, so the back looks smoother, just as we expected from the iPhone X.

In addition, unlike last year's red version of the iPhone 7, which is different from the white front panel combination, this red iPhone X is a combination of red and black, which maintains the same style as the front panel of the current gray and silver version of the iPhone X, and looks even more Cool.

The recent need for news suggests that Apple may release a new color iPhone X to help increase the popularity of the poorly-sold iPhone X. Previously, the famous hitter Benjamin Geskin said that Apple has already started production of a "Red Gold" color matching iPhone X, it seems that the possibility of a new color iPhone X is very likely.